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The Georgia Tech 3D Systems Packaging Research Center focuses on Smart, wearable, IOT, automotive, bio-electronics, and high-performance systems research. Leading-edge electronic systems research, cross-disciplinary education, and industry collaborations with 50+ global companies, make the PRC a leader in System-on-Package research.

3D Systems Packaging Research Center Industry Consortium Projects

This publication outlines the mission, strategy and expertise of the PRC faculty and team. Additionally, over 30 Industry Consortium Research Programs are detailed along with membership benefits and how your company become a partner.

Packaging Research Center Director - Information & Request for Applications

The Georgia Institute of Technology is seeking a Faculty Director for its 3D Systems Packaging Research Center (PRC)

Research Areas

Design and demonstrate 2.5D and 3D interposers addressing electrical, mechanical and thermal barriers.
Panel-based ultra-thin glass as a high performance, high I/O density, and low cost platform.
All-Cu interconnections with and without solders for highest I/O density, high power handling, warpage reduction and system miniaturization.
Ultra-thin and high-performance 3D glass modules with double-side integration of actives and passives separated by 30µm.
Ultra-high bandwidth opto-electronic interconnections beyond TSVs by ultra-short optical vias in glass interposers at low power, low cost, and high alignment tolerance.
Advanced packaging technologies for automotive electronics – towards autonomous driving.