New era of automotive electronics is the most complex electronics technology to date that includes not only computing and communications electronics, autonomous driving electronics, sensing electronics but also high-power and high-temperature electronics. They are expected to account for a third of the value of the car, thus creating a market of ~$1T within a decade. The challenges to address this market may be grouped into two broad categories: 1) research and development of key technologies, and 2) technology ecosystem stewardship to enable swift and cost-efficient commercialization.
The basis of this workshop is the synergy between Georgia Tech in R&D in partnership with its 50 supply-chain companies and SEMI in technology stewardship. This is complemented by the strength of co-sponsors such as iNEMI in roadmaps, and IEEE-CPMT and IMAPS as global electronics societies.
Drivers of the Future Car Electronics
  • Autonomous driving for improved safety
  • Secure, high-speed streaming communications and infotainment
  • Electric cars needing high-density batteries, high-power and high-temperature electronics.
Consumer expectations will accelerate these drivers requiring the exploration and integration of many disparate and disruptive technologies. This, in turn, will require new models of collaboration across the supply-chain. FUTURECAR: The New Era of Automotive Electronics Workshop will help build these models through technology, business and supply-chain and end-user sessions as well as networking and creative interactions.


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