Automotive Electronics Workshop - May 24, 2016

Georgia Tech to Launch Large Scale, Comprehensive and Leading-edge System Integration R&D and Supply-chain Industry Consortium in New Era of Automotive Electronics (NAE).


New Era of Automotive Electronics (NAE) is expected to account for about a third of the total cost of each car, about $10,000, potentially creating a market of $1T within a decade. The Southeast USA, with Atlanta as a global hub for European, Japanese, Korean and US car and component Tier 1 and 2 companies, presents Georgia Tech, as the top-tier University in this region, and a unique opportunity to contribute to NAE. The challenges in addressing these needs are more complex than any electronic product to date and include both hardware and software. Within hardware, there are many grand challenges such as basic and system integration R&D, educated-workforce, global supply-chain manufacturing, roadmaps and standards.

Georgia Tech proposes to launch NAE Industry consortium with focus in three areas:

  1. Unique optimization of device, package and system integration technologies leading to highly miniaturized, low cost and highly-reliable autonomous and all-electric automotive systems integrating many disparate technologies into a very unique, glass-based 3D architecture platform that Georgia Tech is pioneering
  2. Partnership with Tier 1 and Tier 2 global supply-chain companies for R&D in integrated components and car makers to develop road maps, supply-chain management and standards
  3. Educate large number of highly-interdisciplinary engineers who are well prepared for the new NAE industry.

Georgia Tech has world-class faculty expertise and infrastructure for the most leading-edge:

  • Devices such as SiGe, GaN, photonic, and image sensors
  • Highly integrated and highly-miniaturized packaging such as glass-based packaging to integrate RF and power; high bandwidth digital, RF (5G) and photonics; high-power packaging with sintered thermal interfaces and diebonding and high-temperature materials; and sensor packaging for cameras, radar and lidar functions.

Who Should Attend?

R&D, strategy and business development, design and manufacturing leaders across the entire supply-chain -- including semiconductor, package, assembly, components and automobile manufacturers

Georgia Tech plans to launch the program with a team of about 30 researchers in May 2016. For more information, please contact Prof. Rao Tummala at