Unique Academic-Industry Model at GT PRC


Fig. 1. The Academic-Industry Model at GT PRC to develop new technologies, educate inter-disciplinary engineers, global supply-chain manufacturers and commercialization of new ‚Äčtechnologies.

One of the most important ingredients for the success of Georgia Tech PRC is the involvement and integration of many academic faculty, full-time expert research faculty, industry-engineers who are involved in every single project, industry-engineers on campus assigned by companies, a complete set of support personnel in administration, finance, facilities and most importantly a complete 300 mm cleanroom systems packaging facility (Fig. 3). 


Fig. 2. Make up of Georgia Tech PRC Consortium and its shareholders

Fig. 3. Uniqueness of GT PRC Industry Consortium with a variety of Shareholders



Research Vision

As shown in Fig. 4, the research vision involves 8 core areas and many design and demonstration test vehicles that integrates many of these for smartphones, wearables and automotive systems.

The graduate students pursue MS and Ph.D degrees with disruptive or breakthrough concepts in core technologies as individuals but go beyond to integrate their new concepts into functional design and demonstration test vehicles, by working with other students and industry engineers from supply-chain manufacturers and users.

Fig. 4. Research vision spanning from 8 core areas to industry functional test vehicles.