Georgia Tech PRC offers a single industry consortium with many programs, each with many projects, customized to each of the participating full member. Each Program is led by an experienced Program Man manager and the Program includes a team of Academic Faculty, experienced engineers, Graduate Students, On-campus Industry Engineers, as well as Interns from Other Universities.

Why Collaborate with Georgia Tech PRC

No. 1 Academic Leader in IC & Systems Packaging

  1. Technical Vision Consistent with Market Needs
  2. Co-development of Panel-based Glass Packaging with 50 Global Researchers, Developers, Manufacturers and users
  3. Explore and Develop Advanced Systems Packaging Technologies Beyond Industry’s 3-year Horizon
  4. Seamless from R&D, Prototype, and Tech Transfer Enabling Commercialization
  5. Track Record of Technology Breakthroughs
  6. Only 300mm Cleanroom Panel Facility in the Academic World
  7. 50 Person Co-development Team: Full-time Researchers, Manufacturing Industry Partners, Graduate Engineers, Faculty and On-campus Industry Engineers