ESI places its CornerStone™ ICP UV Laser Drilling System at Georgia Tech to Enable Innovations in RDL for 2.5D Interposers, 5G packaging, Next Generation of embedded and Fan-out Packaging and many more

Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (ESI), installed its CornerStone™ ICP UV laser drilling system at Georgia Tech-PRC to enable development of industry’s most leading-edge redistribution layers (RDL) with smallest through vias in 2.5D, 3D and fanout packages. Cornerstone ICP consists of a 80 MHz mode-locked 355 nm wavelength laser operating at a maximum power of 16W

The Georgia Tech PRC-ESI co-development program has successfully combined the superior dimensional stability of glass substrates with the small via and high-accuracy capabilities of the CornerStone™ ICP system; demonstrating on large panels, 8-10 µm diameter vias at 20 µm pitch, that are currently only possible using silicon interposers. This laser system’s high accuracy via drilling and alignment capabilities have allowed the PRC team to demonstrate the scaling of through package vias (TPVs) in glass interposers using a “via-in-via” approach for highly reliable vias down to 30 µm diameter at 60 µm pitch for the first time. This compares to glass via pitches of greater than 100 µm in previous via-in-via process demonstrations, which were primarily limited by the poor locational accuracy and large heat affected zone (HAZ) of other high volume laser drilling systems. An exciting new R&D collaboration between ESI and Georgia Tech PRC will focus on dramatically improving the throughput and reducing the cost of through via formation in glass, a key enabler for the adoption of glass packaging in high volume applications. GT PRC and ESI demonstrated for the first time, the formation of 30 µm diameter through vias in 100 µm thin glass, with a throughput of 10,000 vias per second in 2017.

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